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Oils & Sprays

The oil in herbs and flowers is responsible for their scent. In fact, essential oils carry a plant’s life force, and this is certainly true of Ma’s India’s Essential & Fragrant Oils. Incredibly – and you may find this hard to believe, but it’s true - when essential oil is rubbed into your feet, within 21 minutes it reaches every cell in your body. Literature reveals that ancient Egyptians used essential oils in cosmetics, medicines and for massage, while the Hebrews use oils in religious rituals. Chinese acupuncture and Hindu Ayurveda practitioners use aromatic oils for health. The ancient Greek physicians write about the sedative and stimulating essences, and Romans are lavish in using fragrant oils. All of our Blue Pearl Oils are natural, based on completely natural ingredients. Conclusion: strong scents and healing essences are captured in the essential and fragrant oils we sell.-

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