OM Nag Champa Incense – 40gm – Indian Incense

You most probably smelled the Nagchampa scent if youíve been to India or visited an ashram or have been to a Bob Dylan, Black Crowe, or Third-Eye Blind Concert. Nagchampa is been referred to in songs by Stevie Nicks, the rap artist known as Common, and Asher Roth. Why? Its strong smell is distinctive; once you smell it you donít forget it. The scent is a blend of sandalwood, Plumeria (also known as Frangipani), and the semi-liquid resin of the Ailanthus Malabarica tree. The aroma changes in nature as time passes and it cools. You end up having a delicate and peaceful sweet smell in your environment.

This 100 gm box of Nagchampa incense is distributed by Newage Warehouse. They are the American arm of the Bombay Incense Company whose business for 33 years has provided fine quality holistic products to people looking to advance in their own spiritual path. They have built a reputation for providing consistent products. We feel youíll be pleased with the Nagchampa incense you purchase from this company. Ė

  • Hand rolled incense from natural ingredients.
  • Slow burning, actually burns for one hour.

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