OM Wood Plaque – Mantra and Deity Wall Art

An elegant flowing OM symbol is framed by a celestial blue hued border. That’s our really beautiful OM Wood Plaque. Blue calms and is known to aid your access to your intuition – that inner wisdom. Calming blue is a natural choice to surround an OM symbol, because rhythmically repeating OM will change your inner vibrations so you resonate with the universe’s vibration. Did you know that when a baby is born, Hindus will write the OM symbol on its tongue with honey after the ritual cleansing? You could start each day the same way if you wish – with our OM Wood Plaque and a sweet reminder to yourself of your relationship to the universe.

The OM symbol is sacred to Hindus. It has multiple meanings. Some describe the symbol as representing Lord Ganesh, especially the lower large curve which is symbolic of his body. Some say its sound represents all time – past, present and future. When you say OM repeatedly, the inevitable period of silence between two successive OMs represents a state of perfect bliss when the individual recognizes the oneness of all there is. No matter which depiction of OM you choose – this OM Wood Plaque or one of our other OM Wall Art pieces – you are letting awareness of something bigger and more ancient than yourself into your life. Even better, get a decorative OM for every room!–

  • This natural antique finish OM Wood Plaque will be a great addition to your home décor.
  • OM is the primal sound of the mantras; it represents the whole universe and is a symbol for peace on earth.
  • When you chant OM in a rhythmic way, you destroy negative elements in the body and mind. Scientists agree chanting OM is a disease fighting technique.
  • Our handcrafted OM Wood Plaque (12” w by 14.5” h) is full of interesting raised detail; the plaque is a work of art that is easy to hang on your wall.

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