Embroidered Om Bag – Bags & Totes

Ma’s India’s Embroidered OM Bags is satin and come in four vibrant colors – blue, green, purple and red, and are embroidered with beads. They are incredibly beautiful and make the perfect evening bag for carrying the few essentials you need, or for storing your jewelry or other small personal treasures. The sacred symbol OM, represents the universal Absolute, and is recognized the world-over for its power and meaning. The Embroidered OM Bag. The Embroidered OM Bag also makes the most luxurious “wrapping” for giving those small and special gifts that need that extra special gift wrap that is a gift all by itself.

We recommend buying one of these lovely Embroidered OM Bags in each of the four colors, and you’ll have one for every occasion. You’ll never again have to wonder what to carry to enhance your beautiful outfit for that special event. These Embroidered OM Bags are sure to draw attention, so be prepared to tell your friends about the powerful meaning of the symbol “OM” and where you bought these special Embroidered OM Bags. In fact, you may want to just “cut to the chase” and buy extras at the Ma’s India website so you’ll be prepared for whenever you need that special gift for that really special friend.-

  • Small drawstring bags with OM symbol embroidered on them.
  • Great for carrying your malas or special treasures.
  • Also great for “wrapping” those small gifts you give to friends and loved ones.
  • Four inch by five inch satin with embroidered beads.
  • Comes in 2 colors.
  • Handmade in India.

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