Om Cube Bracelet – Out of Stock

The Om Cube Bracelet in Sterling Silver is hand-carved with the universal Om symbol that is recognized world-wide as one of the most powerful mantras to lead the seeker to the inner Self. The Om Cube Bracelet is subtle, but like all “Om” jewelry, size does not diminish the power of Om one little bit. Hence, it makes a powerful ally for the wearer and a powerful statement for all to observe. Catch a glimpse of eternity through chanting “Om.” Trendy it is, but the trend comes out of the universal growing awareness of the power of the Om Symbol. This Symbol has been used by spiritual seekers forever. This Om Cube Bracelet in Sterling Silver is strung on suede cloth to fit every wrist and will be a wonderful addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Check out this adorable hand-carved Hindu and Buddhist OM symbol bracelet!-

  • The Om Cube Bracelet in sterling silver is threaded on a black suede cloth bracelet that fastens by tying.
  • Or, here’s another idea: You can also wear it as an anklet!

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