Om Pendant (silver with Lapis) – OM Jewelry

This really beautiful Om Pendant in Silver is in the shape of the written “Om” and is very powerful Lapis, or Lapis Lazuli. It is known as a friendship stone. It can aid in opening the chakras, resolving conflicts, and enhance insight. For millenia, “OM” has been the first syllable heard in prayers and mantras in a myriad of Asia’s spiritual traditions. Sometimes “Ooooommmmmm” or “Aaaauuuummmmmm” is chanted by itself for hours, and sometimes as the initial sound of a longer mantra such as “Om Namah Ganesha,” “Om Mani Padme Hum,” or “Ek Onkar.” Just one more absolutely fabulous Om Pendant to make your choice really, really hard!-

  • This sound has reverberated in temples shrines and gurdwaras, on mountaintops and riverbanks, in yoga rooms and at home altars for millennia.
  • This significantly sized, 1 1/2″ sterling silver “OM” pendant comes with an embedded beautiful lapis stone.

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