Om Pendant (silver with garnet) – OM Jewelry

Just when you thought you’d made up your mind which Om Pendant to buy, here comes another really special one, sterling silver with garnet. Furthermore, Garnet is known to be a very balancing stone. It helps you strike a balance between your physical and spiritual selves. It also helps chill out the nervous system. Ahhhh! Now I think you’ll agree that this Om Pendant has a very special quality. What struck me about it is that it has so much air in it! This seems appropriate since Om is a vibration, a subtle sound that cannot be seen, only felt by the soul. Well, with all these choices, at least you’ve got to know that there’s absolutely one – or more – with your name on it.-

  • This gorgeous sterling silver “OM” with Garnet semi-precious stone is 5/8″ diameter.
  • Great balancing energy from the combination of the Om and the Garnet.

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