OM Pendant (Gold Plated and Silver) – OM Jewelry

It sure is hard for the staff at Ma’s India to pick favorites – especially in the OM Jewelry section, since there’s so much of it. But the Om Pendant in Gold Plated and Silver is certainly one of the most dramatic and eye-catching. This decorative and mystical, 1″ tall gorgeous gold plated and silver OM pendant will be very hard to pass up for any lover of the power of Om. The Mandukya Upanishad explains the 4 parts of OM, which is also spelled AUM. We list them below, and you’ll probably find it all eye-opening, if you don’t already know this wonderful information. But, our theory is that one can not know too much about something as powerful as Om and the part it can play in our lives. All we can say is, “WOW.”

  • The “A” sounds like the “a” in “father,” and vibrates in the middle of your mouth. This represents logic and normal consciousness.
  • The “U” sound pushes the vibration to the back of the mouth, and shifts the consciousness to a dreamlike state where subject and object are intertwined.
  • The “M” resonates throughout the whole head and shifts the consciousness into a dreamless sleep where subject and object become one.
  • What is the 4th part of AUM if it only has 3 letters? The silence.
  • Need we say more!

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