OM Sequin Cloth Print – Clearance

From the inky depths of the ebony background, surrounded by fiery rings, pops the Sanskrit symbol of OM. The predominantly blue-green symbol is attractive in its own right and you could gaze at this intricate cloth print for hours and not see all that is there. It is a very satisfying piece of art for your living space.There is a wealth of meaning available for you to explore attached to the OM symbol. It stands for the primal sound of the universe and represents everything. It is a Hindu symbol for the absolute.Hindus see the OM sign as a representation of Lorda Ganesha (the elephant headed deity). The upper curve of the sign is Ganesh’s head; the lower large curve is his big belly; the right side curve is his trunk; and the semi-circle with a dot represents an Indian sweet, a modaka, held in Lord Ganesh’s hand.

The three parts of the OM symbol stand for the believer’s impure body, mind and speech. The parts also refer to the pure speech, body and mind of a Buddha. You might wonder: can an impure mind, body and speech ever become or lead to purity? The Buddha is an example of a being like us who in fact did it. As you ponder the OM sign and chant OM in a rhythmic way, you gradually leave an impure state and are transformed by your spiritual practices as you gain in awareness. Awareness is a key to purity. –

  • The OM Cloth Print is hand-made.
  • The print includes the mantra “Om Namash Shivaya,” which can be translated as “I bow to my inner self.”
  • The OM print measures 30 by 40 inches approximately.
  • Gold sequins have been sewn on by hand to add sparkle and interest.

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