Om String Bells – 28″ – Wind Chimes

Our OM String Bells Wind Chime is very unusual. It has four OMís, the Sanskrit symbol for the Universal Sound, which is an extremely powerful mantra. It is just perfect to hang over your puja or altar, outside, on your screened porch or anywhere you want to see its sacred beauty and hear its sacred and lovely bells chime in such a harmonious and healing way. The OM String Bells is 28 inches long and beautiful to look at. It certainly wonít like anything like any other Wind Chimes that you currently have. The OM String Bells also make a perfect housewarming gift for any loved ones, so consider getting yourself at least one, and several for your friends. The OM String Bells is one of those Wind Chimes that you just canít have too many of (I know, never end on a preposition, but who cares).-

  • The OM String Bells are 28 inches long.
  • The OM String Bells have four OMís.
  • The OM String Bells also have colorful, fun beads.

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