OM Yoga Tote – 18″ – Out of Stock

The Om Yoga Tote contains the symbol of Om or Aum, which is of paramount importance in Hinduism. This symbol is a sacred syllable representing the impersonal Absolute – omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence. This exceptionally beautiful Om Yoga Tote has the Om symbol in dramatic gold on stunning black canvas. The Om Yoga Tote goes virtually everywhere with you and makes the most beautiful fashion statement with a symbol that is recognizable to a growing number of admirers. Its long double handles make it the perfect shoulder bag.

A symbol becomes mandatory to help us realize the Unknowable. Om, therefore, represents both the unmanifest and manifest aspects of God. That is why it is called pranava, to mean that it pervades life and runs through our prana or breath. The Om symbol is found everywhere, and this Om Yoga Tote bag is no exception to the powerful and beautiful use of this universal symbol. You’ll find the Om symbol on pendants, earrings, and many other products at Ma’s India Spiritual Gift Store. Om is also a popular symbol used in contemporary body art and tattoos, which, of course, you’ll also find at Ma’s India Spiritual Gift Store. Talk about your one-stop-shopping experience. But be sure and start with the Om Yoga Tote!-

  • Large 18″ yoga tote bag to carry all your yoga products.
  • Made of 100% lightweight cotton canvas.
  • You’ll love the gold OM printed on the black canvas.
  • This Yoga tote has long double handles will make it extra easy for you to carry it over your shoulder.
  • You can also use this Yoga Tote for grocery shopping eliminating the need for plastic bags.

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