OM Wind Chime – 10″ – Out of Stock

Our OM Wind Chime is brass, has three OMís, four bells, and colorful beads. Itís really lovely. And, oh, what a beautiful sound it makes. The OM Wind Chime is 10 inches long. Maís India has many wonderful wind chimes and the OM Wind Chime is very special in its own right. Itís really just a question of what touches you the most Ė the look, the sound, the feel. The OM Wind Chime is one of our favorites and fits and suits any space. The lovely sound of the bells is like listening to the angels singing and can uplift the heart and spirit. The OM Wind Chime is perfect for hanging over your puja or altar. And OM, of course, is the Sanskrit symbol and sound of the creation of the Universe. It doesnít need to get any more powerful than that. Also, OM makes the perfect mantra for your meditation, or for your japa, or open-eyed meditation. The OM Wind Chime also makes a wonderful gift Ė especially a housewarming gift, for a dear friend. Buy several.-

  • The OM Wind Chime is brass, with three OMís, four bells and colorful beads.
  • The OM Wind Chime is 10 inches long.
  • The OM Wind Chime will bring you many hours, days, weeks, years of enjoyment.

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