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Our Small and Colorful OM Wind Chime has a beautiful and prominent OM. OM is the Sanskrit Universal Sound that has been largely embraced by many religions and spiritual paths. OM is the perfect mantra as well, to be repeated silently or as japa, open-eyed mantra. Our small OM Wind Chime also has Rudraksha Beads, also known as the Tears of God. The ancient story goes that when God saw the pain that humankind caused oneanother, that God cried. And where Godís tears fell, trees grew, and the seeds of the trees were Rudraksha Beads. So, when you wear or use Rudraksha Beads, you donít need to cry for yourself, because God cries for you. Rudraksha Beads are also protective and Maís India has many, many products with Rudraksha Beads. Try our Rudraksha hand malas and necklaces. Itís really good to wear them. OK, back to the small OM Wind Chime which makes the most beautiful and healing sounds. Naturally, you can hang our small OM Wind Chime inside your home or outside. Either way, the OM and the wonderful music it makes are a beautiful addition to the atmosphere in which you and your loved ones spend a lot of time. If youíve never used Wind Chimes before, nowís the perfect time to have this exquisite experience. And, if you have used Wind Chimes before, or even have Wind Chimes right now, the OM Wind Chime with Rudraksha Beads will be the perfect addition to your collection.-

  • Our Small and Colorful OM Wind Chime with Rudraksha beads has one large OM.
  • Our Small OM Wind Chime is 10 inches long.

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