On Death and Dying – Ma Jaya Books

The front cover of “On Death and Dying” contains a prayer from Ma Jaya that exquisitely sums up the contents of the booklet. Ma Jaya says: “River, help me to teach about Death/ so they can begin to live/ unafraid of all things unknown.” It is Ma Jaya’s hypothesis that if you learn about death, you can truly live your life. On Death and Dying, by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, contains excerpts from a longer work (in progress) called “I, the Mother.” These excerpts tell you about Ma Jaya and a few of the people she spent time with in the last days of their lives – some young like the 29-year-old Timmy, some of mature years like Mr. Daniels in his late 70s. What all the people Ma Jaya speaks about have in common is that in their waning moments of life they are so beautifully alive. These stories in On Death and Dying make abundantly clear the wealth of experience one can have by living in the moment. At the same time you learn about Ma Jaya’s vision of what comes next, what will happen after you shed your earthly body. You also taste the Mother’s grief at the loss of her child. Ma Jaya is no stranger to death or the dying process, yet each individual touches her heart in a personal and unique manner, which she in turn shares with the reader. You will be amazed how much you learn from Ma Jaya’s stories in On Death and Dying. –

  • Paperback booklet, 32 pages.
  • Published by Ganga Press, 1992.
  • A book dedicated to all Ma’s children who have died from AIDS.
  • Here are a few stories of life lived up until the final moment, told in a manner that is sure to touch your heart.

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