One River, Many Wells


Isn’t it time, asks Matthew Fox, that instead of trying to convert one another we delved into one another’s spiritual riches? We get to the core of religion by going to the heart experience, Fox says, not by dwelling on doctrines that so easily divide even within religious traditions. In One River, Many Wells, Fox exhorts readers to embrace the common faith of deep ecumenism. Fox masterfully distills the common principles of the world’s religions, and shows exactly how the different fingers of the world’s faiths connect to a single hand. Drawing on seminal quotes, lessons, and ideas from the great faiths, he demonstrates how each expresses a common goal and approach to life, and concludes with “18 New Myths and Visions” that will inspire readers to embrace deep ecumenism. One River, Many Wells is an indispensable resource, envisioning a new and exciting way of faith that erases the lines of false distinction between religions and calls upon each of us to worship from our common heart.

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