INFORMATION: We try to give our customers as much information about the products on the website as possible. However, if you have questions that are not answered on the site or just want to know more about us, please call us at 888.560.1008 or e-mail us through the contact us link at the bottom of our website.


If you have any questions or comments about your order we would like to hear from you. Please email or call us and we will respond as soon as possible. Also, it helps our ranking with Yahoo! if you take the time to fill out the customer service ratings request that they send you. Help us help you better! WHOLESALE ORDERING: Please note, we do not sell wholesale, just retail. We do have a ‘bricks & mortar’ store in East Central Florida if you are ever in the area and want to visit.


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & Paypal are accepted. Alternatively, if you want to use a cashier’s check, make it out to Ma’s India for the total amount of the order including shipping, and we will send out your order upon receipt of the check. Please note, we do not accept personal checks.


  • When you place an order with Ma’s India your credit card company carefully checks to see that you are the legitimate owner of that card by comparing your billing address (the place where you receive your statements) with the billing address you have recorded in your Ma’s India order.
  • Your credit card company will then “acknowledge” the purchase by recording a “soft purchase” on your account. If you check, you will see this “soft purchase” on your account. Please note that, at this point, your credit card has not yet been charged!
  • Ma’s India then receives your order. Only then, if everything is approved by your credit card company, we will authorize your credit card to be charged. At that point, your credit card company will charge your account. For one or two days, you might see both the original “soft purchase” and the actual charge. Do not worry, the “soft purchase” will disappear within a day or so.
    • If the billing address you have given Ma’s India is even slightly different than the billing address (i.e. wrong zip) your credit card has on file, Ma’s India will be informed by your credit card company. For your protection, we will not complete any transactions until we contact you directly and resolve any discrepancies. This may cause some delays in sending your order but your security is of utmost important to us.

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