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Our Lady of Guadalupe is an icon of the Virgin Mary, well respected for her many miracles. One of the first miracles is depicted on this faux ivory statue’s base, the Castilian roses. Juan Diego, a widower, a peasant of Aztec origins from Guadalupe, was told by the Virgin to fill his cloak with flowers in December. He went in search for some and found, much to his amazement, Castilian roses. When he later opened his cloak the Catholic bishop was surprised to see flowers from his far away home town and a lovely image of the Virgin Mary imprinted on Diego’s cloak.Miracles continue. Juan Diego’s cloak or tilma is made from plant fibers that normally wear out within 50 years. The tilma, now residing behind protective glass in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City, is over 480 years old. For the first 116 years of its existence it was unprotected and subjected to the ravaging effects of humidity, dust, heat, candle smoke, and the continual contact with human hands. It was not damaged. In 1921 the cloak had a bomb placed in front of it. It sustained no damage, though the surrounding church did. NASA tests show the image’s colors are not made from any material known on earth. A laser scan revealed that the colors actually float in front of the tilma’s surface without touching it. There is no scientific explanation for these facts.

These practical facts may seem miraculous but is the healing that occurs among people of faith in Our Lady of Guadalupe that brings visitors by the score to the tilma’s resting place. Our statue of this Virgin is sure to remind you of her history. –

  • Our Lady, Mother Mary, miraculously appeared to the peasant Juan Diego on Dec. 12, 1531 on a hill near Mexico City. He told the local bishop who demanded proof of the visitation.
  • When Diego told Our Lady, she asked him to spread his cloak on the ground and fill it flowers. Diego did as he was bid and surprisingly found Castilian roses (not native to the area) to fill it.
  • When he opened the cloak for the bishop, the beautiful picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe was on the fabric.
  • The statue of Our Lady is hand-cast, washable, durable and shiny from microscopic beads.

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