Picture Jasper Hand Mala – Semi-Precious Stone Hand Malas

  • Looking for something unique and exceptional? We can guarantee that your Picture Jasper Mala will be truly one-of-a-kind!
  • Whether a gift for yourself or a lucky loved one, this mala makes a clear statement that its wearer is very special!
  • Picture Jasper Stone Hand Malas with Rudraksha and Tassel. 26 8mm Picture Jasper beads with 1 8mm Rudraksha plus a Rudraksha Guru Bead.
  • Picture Jasper is very earthy. It has a wild and wide spectrum of colors and patterns. Some believe there are messages in its swirls and forms.
  • It can also bring unseen feelings to the surface and help you release and learn from them.
  • In the Buddhist, Hindu, and many other spiritual traditions, a mala is much more than a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is an opportunity to awaken your inner spiritual life and find a place of inner peace as your recite your mantra daily.

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