Planet Rave, Vol. 1 isn’t the first collection to combine world music with electronic club sounds, but it’s among the stronger, more noteworthy collections of its kind. On this 2000 release, you’ll hear a variety of world music combined with trance, jungle, trip-hop, techno, tribal, and other high-tech styles that have been heard at raves (or legal dance clubs with a rave-like DJ). Assembled by Shiva Baum, this CD is a collection of remixes — while the original versions of these songs were aimed at the artists’ hardcore audiences in various countries, the remixes that Sunkist, Bobby Summerfield, Junior Vasquez and others provide make them a lot more rave-friendly. Without losing its rave-like ambiance, Planet Rave, Vol. 1 visits India with Dissidenten’s “A Love Supreme” (which is based on the John Coltrane classic) and Jai Uttal’s “Malkouns,” Pakistan with Badar Ali Khan’s “Kalander” (a Qawwali number that gets a trance makeover), and Ireland with Emer Kenny’s “Golden Brown.” Some world music enthusiasts will prefer to stick with the original versions, but for those who have a taste for both world music and electronic club sounds, Planet Rave, Vol. 1 is a CD to check out. — Alex Henderson

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