Large Animal Prayer Flag – Prayer Flags

The cloth on the Large Animal Prayer Flag is printed with five mythical animals from Buddhism. The wind horse, in the middle, carries your prayers swiftly to heaven. Your ability to learn by hearing is improved by the dragon as it takes away delusions. Your confidence is built up by the tiger while the snow lion grants you fearless joy. The predatory bird Garuda is effective in removing obstacles on your spiritual path.Prayer flags are just one way Buddhism has to offer solace to people searching for a way to help heal our earth in challenging times. These colorful cloths are hung up wherever you can find a breeze. Buddhists believe that as the breeze passes through the loosely woven fabric of the Large Animal Prayer Flag, for instance, the essence of the prayer printed on it is caught by the wind and carried to all it touches, without judgment or limitation. In addition, as the color fades, their essence is also released into the air, again benefiting all it touches. What a gentle and peaceful way to encourage harmony!

In between the mythical animals on the Large Animal Prayer Flag are the eight auspicious signs of Buddhism. The endless knot represents eternity and is a symbol of the meditative mind. The lotus flower is symbolic of spiritual unfolding. The white parasol or umbrella protects you from evil or evil desires. The vessel holds all spiritual wealth while the dharmic wheel is the path to nirvana. A fish or two fishes entwined rescues you from the ocean of misery of an earthly existence while the fly whisk or victory banner proclaims wisdom triumphs over ignorance. The conch shell is used to trumpet the blessedness of turning to the right. –

  • This Tibetan prayer flag was silk screened by hand on cotton for Tibet Collection by the Tibetan Nuns Project in Dharamsala, India.
  • Hanging prayer flags are thought to dispel danger and promote good fortune.
  • The five flag colors represent the five elements: blue/earth, white/water, red/fire, saffron/space, and green/wind.
  • To dispose of old flags with respect, please burn them.
  • The Large Animal Prayer Flag is 5’ long and individual flags are 16” high by 11” wide.

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