Taranga – Prem Joshua

Prem Joshua has built a career on exploring the contemporary and experimental aspects of Indian music; enough so that he has become India’s top world music artist. As exciting as his fusion recordings are, with Taranga (a Sanskrit word that means “wave”) Prem Joshua decided he wanted something a little more rootsy. Prem Joshua fills Taranga with more natural and acoustic-based instrumentation this time around, including swirls of sitar, tabla beats, warm percussion and bamboo flute. The melodies on Taranga are upbeat and joyful, with vocals adding an ecstatic quotient on some of the cuts. Taranga definitely bridges the gap between East and West more fully than Joshua’s previous works, showing that he can produce an album that adheres to tradition while maintaining a spark of innovation.-

  • Prem Joshua’s Taranga bridges the gap between East and West more fully than with his previous works. A great result that you’ll love.
  • Taranga really shows why Prem Joshua is one of the world’s most cherished Eastern fusion recording artists.

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