Goddess Chants – Clearance

Padma Previ’s last album, Divine Visions, was a perfect introduction to the types of sounds Previ is typically drawn to – a melding of spiritual mantras and instrumentation from both sides of the Pacific. Now Goddess Chants continues down that same path, featuring well-known chants like “Om Tara Tare” and “Om Sri Rama” against contemporary grooves. Goddess Chants moves away from the traditional instrumentation that we hear on some of the cuts of Divine Visions, instead focusing completely on arrangements that mix sensual beats with keyboard moods and multi-cultural elements (Cybertribe’s John Deere is the producer of the Goddess Chants, and his influence is noticeable). On top of it all is Previ’s gorgeous, sweet vocals, lending an ethereal glow to these ancient Sanskrit mantras on Previ’s Goddess Chants.-

  • Padma Previ’s Goddess Chants is produced by the talented John Deere. Previ’s and Deere’s collaboration makes for especially beautiful music.
  • Padma Previ’s voice is ethereal and magical on Goddess Chants as on her previous albums.

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