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One hundred forty years ago, in India, the creator of Primo Incense had an inspiration –  a new way to make incense. To this day, the process remains a family secret. Incense has been called the “perfume of harmony.” Ma’s India offers twelve haunting, evocative aromas from Primo Incense in attractive boxes of 25 gm weight. With Primo Incense you are getting more sticks at less price per stick, an aromatic bargain. And don’t even try and Google the family secret!-

Available in ten scents:

  • Amber. 
    • Primo Amber Incense releases a fragrance into the atmosphere that is relaxing, like nature, and sweet. Amber is a resin that when fossilized can be used as a gem or when ground up is used in medicines and incense. Totally organic amber comes from extinct trees that fell down 10 – 100 million years ago and were then covered with sediment. Amber’s value has been known since 11,000 BCE, where it was discovered in an English archeological site. 
  • Frankincense. 
    • Frankincense has been a valued and sacred material since ancient times. It is one of the gifts the Magi gave to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. Religious ceremonies in Eastern and Western traditions still use Frankincense. It is one of the most highly valued resins of the ancient world. Primo Frankincense Incense Sticks represent the best in Frankincense Incense. The scent of this incense is said to clear the mind and help with inner concentration. 
  • Jasmine.
    • Jasmine has many wonderful qualities. For example, Jasmine is said to purify the emotions. This in itself covers much territory! The Primo Jasmine Incense has an intensely floral aroma that is very relaxing and calming. Jasmine is used to help depressive symptoms, revitalize and restore energy. The Jasmine fragrance is also said to be an aphrodisiac. You’ll have to decide this one for yourself.
  • Nepal Musk.
    • Primo Nepal Musk Incense is sensual and stimulating. The aroma of musk speaks to a very essential component in us. Consequently, the Musk scent is a very popular fragrance the world over.
  • Night Queen.
    • Primo Night Queen Incense is created from a flower called Brahmakamala. This mysterious flower begins blooming just after sunset. It reaches full bloom by midnight and has died by sunrise. The Night Queen flower’s fragrance is very intense and powerful, and is easily recognized 3-6 feet away. Primo Night Queen Incense is a floral scent on top of a base of charcoal and vanilla. 
  • Patchouli.
    • Primo Patchouli Incense Sticks have that wonderful Patchouli fragrance of course. However, there is an additional benefit from Primo Patchouli Incense – they apparently prevent bed bugs from making your bed (or clothes or other furniture) their home. From Southeast Asia comes the small Pogostemon cablin bush whose leaves give us Patchouli essential oil. In the East dried patchouli leaves are placed between linens to keep bed bugs away as well as being used in sachets and potpourris. These Primo Patchouli Incense Sticks can be placed under your linens, pillow, in your closet – wherever, to keep those bed bugs away. In addition, Patchouli keeps away moths and can save your precious cashmere sweaters.
  • Ruh Khus.
    • Primo Ruh Khus Incense Sticks – go ahead and just try and pronounce this one! Some say that Primo Ruh Khus Incense is similar to green patchouli with its green and earthy aroma that is quite pungent. There is a noticeable sub note of vanilla in Primo’s mixture.
  • Sandalwood.
    • Primo Sandalwood Incense Sticks are extremely powerful and beneficial. The Santalum album is an evergreen tree whose wood provides the sandalwood fragrance. In ancient India, in the scriptural Vedas, you find Sandalwood used as a salve or unguent. This small sandal tree is said to be one of the strongest scented plants on earth. Sandalwood is often referred to as the “King of Scents.” 
  • Vanilla.
    • Primo Vanilla Incense Sticks may look simple, representing one of the world’s favorite aromas and tastes. But vanilla harvesting is anything but simple! The vanilla vine is a native of Central America where it grows to 82 feet tall! The vine’s immature fruit is picked, cured, fermented, and dried to create the familiar brown vanilla bean. A resinoid is extracted from the dried beans and used as a flavoring agent in tobacco products and food. The vanilla aroma is a richly spicy and herbal wood.
  • Yellow Rose
    • Primo Yellow Rose Incense is a warm Rose Incense that is marvelously rich, feminine and sensual. The Primo Yellow Rose Incense Sticks have a luscious floral fragrance. 

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