Primo Vanilla Incense Sticks – Primo Incense

Primo Vanilla Incense Sticks may look simple, representing one of the world’s favorite aromas and tastes. But vanilla harvesting is anything but simple! The vanilla vine is a native of Central America where it grows to 82 feet tall! The vine’s immature fruit is picked, cured, fermented, and dried to create the familiar brown vanilla bean. A resinoid is extracted from the dried beans and used as a flavoring agent in tobacco products and food. The vanilla aroma is a richly spicy and herbal wood. The Primo Vanilla Incense Sticks evoke a warm remembrance of childhood and family. The Haridas Madhavadas family began hand-rolling Primo Vanilla Incense using the vanilla resulting from the process above 100 years ago. I think they know what they’re doing!-

  • The Primo Vanilla Incense Sticks come in packages of 20+ sticks.
  • The Primo Vanilla Incense Sticks packages weighs 25 grams.
  • And don’t, repeat DON’T, give in to temptation to incorporate the Primo Vanilla Incense Stick ash into your next great vanilla cake!

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