Praying With Our Hands


A spiritual guidebook for bringing prayer into our bodies What gives our prayers meaning? How can we carry a prayerful spirit throughout our everyday lives? In this inspiring book of reflections and accompanying photographs, we see how our bodies, in particular our hands, can give meaning to our prayers in a way that words alone cannot. Twenty-one simple ways of using our hands to speak to God to enrich devotion and ritual are presented here in word and image. Some may be familiar, some are new. All demonstrate the various approaches of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions to bringing the body into worship.This compendium of prayerful spiritual practices will introduce you to the tradition of embodied prayer, opening the way for further personal exploration.Spiritual traditions represented include Anglican, Sufi, Zen, Roman Catholic, Yoga, Shaker, Hindu, Jewish, Pentecostal, Eastern Orthodox, and many others.

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