Radha and Krishna Sequin Cloth Print – Clearance

Although Krishna is not depicted with the blue skin he is named for, this cloth print offers a feeling that attracts the viewer. The rendering is lush with floral artistry as befits two lovers. Radha was a cowherd girl yet whenever she left her house she would always dress attractively. She’d put on 16 different items to make herself attractive in classic Indian fashion. Radhe also put on 12 different pieces of jewelry along with her signature fragrance of musk, sandal paste and camphor. She would place a dot of musk oil on her chin.

Krishna responded to Radha’s love and devotion, and to her physical form. It’s said Lord Krishna praised her: “Your beautiful form is a festival of elegance and sweetness that crushes the vanity of the three worlds.” One story of the lovers tells how jealous women gave Radha some scalding hot milk to drink saying that Krishna had sent it to her. Radha drank it right down, feeling no pain. The amazed women went to see Lord Krishna only to find him full of painful ulcers. Krishna had taken all of Radha’s pain and miseries on himself, showing to all that he resided in every pore of Radha’s Being. –

  • Radha & Krishna lived 5000 years ago in Vrindavana in India.
  • Radha is called an advisor and friend by some, a his consort by others.
  • This Radha and Krishna Sequin Cloth Print measures 30 by 40 inches (approximately).
  • The rendering has been hand printed and gold sequins sewn on by hand to add interest.

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