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Ramana Maharshi is widely known to be one of the greatest spiritual leaders of modern day India. As a child Maharshi was what you would consider “normal.” He did not show signs of the religious interests that he held close to his heart later in life. It wasn’t until his teenage years that Ramana Maharshi’s life changed in a magical way. Maharshi began devotional visits to a nearby temple. During an afternoon he was visiting his uncle and sitting alone in a room. Alone, a violent fear of death overtook Maharshi. It was this sense of fear that prompted Maharshi to devote his life to self-enquiry. His words, both verbal and written, have touched the lives of thousands since his death in 1950.

The book, Talks with Ramana Maharshi, which was self-authored, is a brilliant collection of thoughts from the sage of India himself. This book is an anthology of his thoughts and teachings and is highly recommended reading for all students of Eastern philosophy. Maharshi’s teaching are part of Hindu philosophy, yet enjoyable for all who are interested in the thoughts and understanding of ones self. In this book Ramana Maharshi explains that one should not consider self-enquiry as an intellectual exersice, but it should be looked at as fixing the attention firmly on the attention of “I” without thinking. For years Maharshi’s words have guided people from diverse backgrounds and traditions to the Source of enduring peace and happiness.

The Power of Presence, written by David Goodman, is a three volume series of books that shows a different angle of Ramana Maharshi. This book, and the two other in the series, gives gripping firsthand accounts of over 20 different devotees of Ramana Maharshi narrating their personal stories of living with him and being guided by him. Readers have found this book, along with the following volumes, to be a great starting point to understand Ramana Maharshi and his life.

Life offers us questions as it goes on. Often times, we may never find the answer to those questions. Although, there are those who help guide us on the right path. Ramana Maharshi was certainly one of those people. Although never considering himself a guru, Maharshi certainly was a teacher. In the book, The Spiritual Teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Maharshi offers questions, instructions and answers to those trying to understand Hindu philosophy. Easy to read and arranged by topic, this book will surely be one that you cannot put down.

No matter your religion, age or personal preferences, Ramana Maharshi was certainly a man devoted to what he believed in. Through these books and many more, his words will be passed down for centuries to come. We also have other great products representing Hindu philosophy available. You can view them all today at Mas-India.com.

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