Crocodile – Clearance

With her breathy voice, sensual demeanor and exotic arrangements, an album from Susheela Raman is sure to get your blood pumping – especially Music for Crocodiles. Crocodile is her third outing on Narada, and her boldest and most vibrant album to date. With a flair for poetic lyrics and a higher quotient of English language songs that Raman’s previous endeavors, the Music for Crocodiles burns with personality and passion. Susheela Raman’s arrangements focus on acoustic instrumentation (strings and guitar are prominent) that is juxtaposed with Indian instruments like the tabla and veena. In fact, Music for Crocodiles was Raman’s first opportunity to record with Indian musicians. If you enjoy cross-cultural fusion music that blends Western folk with Indian Sanskrit, Raman’s tantalizing Music for Crocodiles is sure to please.-

  • Susheela Raman’s Music for Crocodiles is sheer pleasure.
  • Music for Crocodiles is Susheela Raman’s third outing on Narada.

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