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Our faux ivory statue of the reclining Ganesh is rich in intricate details. This statue is in direct contrast to our statue of reading Ganesh who is close to an abstract image. Our different statues of Ganesh in a reclining position are examples of how his image is not the least bit static. In fact, we work hard to provide you with a plethora of choices.

This statue of Ganesh is holding in his right hand a piece of one of his tusks. Legend holds Ganesh broke off one of his tusks to use as a pen in order to write the Mahabharata, which he holds in his left hand, for humanity. The tusk is a symbol of Ganesh’s sacrifice. Another interpretation for the broken tusk is to remind you to retain what’s good and throw away the bad in order to overcome all forms of duality. You can see why Ganesh is often called the Hindu god of scholarship.

Call on Ganesh to bring you happiness and prosperity. He loves to remove obstacles in your path. The more you ask of this deity, the more prosperity comes your way. –

  • Worshipped by millions, Lord Ganesh is believed by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists to bring prosperity and happiness to those who ask.
  • Here Ganesh is shown reading a book – his high forehead makes it easy to see why he’s called the God of Scholarship.
  • Hindus say Ganesh is offering blessings with his open hand to all who are inspired by written lore.
  • The statue is composed of ResinPlus and 5.5” in length by 4.25” tall.

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