Rise to the Windless God – Ma Jaya Books

Ma Jaya seamlessly weaves together insights from many religions in her interfaith teachings. The editor of “Rise to the Windless God” has always loved Tibet and over the years collected sentences and paragraphs from Ma Jaya’s teachings about the Buddha and Tibetan Buddhism, which are contained in Rise to the Windless God, along with colorful illustrations. The simplicity and joy one can find in Tibetan Buddhism are captured eloquently in this slim volume. Ma Jaya shares with you her first experience learning about the Tibetan teaching of the skull or acknowledging the body without the flesh. You find her appreciation for Padmasambhava and his teachings on these pages, along with her love of her Guru, Neem Karoli Baba. She talks about the greatness of Mahakala and the middle path Milarepa speaks about then segues into her astonishment at the Jesuits’ non-fear of the blackness of the world. Ma Jaya finds Tibetan Buddhism hard core and very down to earth, yet Milarepa’s devotional songs are sweet to her ears. One photo shows Ma Jaya in a simple white sari standing quiet with the Himalayas rising in the background, while other photos show her artist renderings of Tara (the Tibetan goddess) and Padma. In Rise to the Windless God, the text is spare yet compelling. It leads without overwhelming. This booklet introduces, seduces, and satisfies. The more often you explore Rise to the Windless God, its text and art work, the deeper your understanding grows. –

  • Paperback booklet, 28 pages.
  • Published by Kashi Foundation, 2005.
  • Ma Jaya shares her understanding of Tibetan Buddhism in “Rise to the Windless God.”
  • Full-color illustrations enhance your experience of Ma Jaya’s text.

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