The River – Ma Jaya

The River is a love poem. It is a poem about the love between a woman and a river, India’s sacred Ganga River. The poem is unpretentious and mystical. The River is about loving in challenging times. It’s can help you make it through those times.

The River was written from Ma Jaya’s heart at a time when AIDS was galloping through the USA. Where would you find comfort? Where could you turn in this time of intense sorrow and fear? Ma Jaya found her answer in the waters of the Ganga. She felt those waters could and did “heal the hearts of humanity’s sorrow in [that] time of the AIDS plague.” The plague is not over. Ma Jaya’s words are as needed now as they were in the 1990s.

Today as you read the poem your contemporary sorrows are addressed. You do not have to have lost a love one due to death.The River is about any sorrows and how there has been given to humanity a way to wash away the bitterness, the grief, the anger—all that keeps you from re-uniting in positive way with your loved one, be they in the body or out of it. –

  • Hardcover, 85 pages.
  • Published by Ganga Press, 1994.
  • Long hymn poem to the sacred Ganga River.
  • The Ganga is another name for the Ganges River in India.
  • An excellent work to help you through any form of grief—loss of a job, a friend, a love, a pet, a death, a break-up.

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