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This clear fire engine red candle is excellent for balancing your root chakra or Muladhara. The root chakra is your grounding chakra and is found between your genitals and anus. How would you know if your root chakra is out of alignment? Low self-esteem is one symptom; another is being obsessed with material possessions and security. You might also be obsessed with sensual indulgences and/or ‘thrills.’ Physical symptoms of a blocked root chakra include chronic lower back pain, depression, sciatica, immune system disorders, and varicose veins. If you have several of these symptoms, you might find relief by balancing your root chakra. Healing music for this chakra are pieces that have soothing, repetitive nature sounds, also ones with emphatic brass notes that are monotonous. Healthful foods include protein-rich foods and the root vegetables. Squats, stomping, and marching are excellent exercises to bring the root chakra back in tune. The essential oils of cedar and clove are infused into the candle to hasten healing. Woodsy cedar helps you to connect with natural life forms and earthly forces. It allows you to construct a sense of security and serenity. Spicy clove helps you to release suppressed energy and break free of unhelpful patterns. Mystery Arts provides a text on the candle which includes helpful gemstones, the astrological and zodiac references, and the body associations of the root chakra. This is one candle that meets diverse needs. –

  • The root chakra is also called the Muladhara, pronounced moo-la-DHAR-a.
  • It is the foundation of the chakra system and is associated with the earth.
  • The root chakra keeps you feeling secure and grounded.
  • This candle is hand-crafted in Essex, Connecticut – yes, it is made in the USA!
  • Delightful to use for healing meditations, relaxing, chakra rebalancing, or simply enhancing your sacred space.

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