Rudi, In His Own Words


by Swami Rudrananda Rudi brought the wisdom eastern spirituality to western students in a vital, contemporary form. He had strong opinions about what was spiritual and what was not, and he did not approve of much of what often goes on under the name of spirituality. This book sets out the essence of Rudi’s teaching. Excerpts edited from his talks explain the principles and practices he taught, covering the topics of spiritual work, tension, the wish to grow, detachment, surrender, rebirth, teacher and student, and growing.

“Nothing one can say about Rudi’s teaching could ever suggest the totality of its power, its capacity to shatter, change and utterly transform you. Rudi’s teaching is not about spiritual experience, it is the very essence of it. To read this book is to be immersed in a flow of extraordinary nourishment.”

Bruce Joel Rubin, screenwriter

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