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Do you know the age-old story of the origin of Rudraksha beads? Well, here it is: When the great God Shiva looked down on the earth and saw the cruelty of humanity, he cried. Where God’s tears fell, trees grew and the seeds from those trees are called Rudraksha beads or the “Tears of God.” It is said that those who wear the beads no longer have to cry for themselves, because God cries for them. Wearing these wonderful beads, which embody the essence of Shakti (spiritual energy), is a constant reminder to persevere through all challenges.-

  • Malas are usually strung in multiples of 9, and can be worn as bracelets, or, with 108 being the most sacred number, they are perfect for necklaces. They are even great to wear as a single bead or in any other type of Rudraksha jewelry.
  • Rudrakshas sometimes vary in color and in exact size and may not be quite the same as the ones pictured on this site.
  • These Rudrakshas typically have five faces or facets.

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