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OMG, these single bead Rudraksha Earrings set in Sterling Silver are so beautiful and so potent. The Rudraksha beads come from the holy tree in India, born of Godís weeping for humanity’s cruelty to one another and the earth. Where Godís tears fell, the Rudraksha Trees and seeds Ė or beads Ė grew. The Rudraksha Beads are, consequently, Godís gift to humanity whereby God cries for us so that we donít have to cry for ourselves. And these Rudraksha Earrings are the perfect and beautiful way to wear the Rudraksha Beads, protecting yourselves and allowing you to have open hearts with the world around us. These Rudraksha Earrings in sterling silver also make absolutely beautiful gifts for those you love.-

  • The Rudraksha bead comes from the holy Rudraksha tree in India.
  • The ancient story is that Shiva looked down on the earth and saw how inhumanly man was treating each other, and so he cried. Where his tears fell, Rudraksha trees grew. If you wear the Rudraksha bead you do not have to cry because Shiva will cry for you.
  • Made into single bead earrings with sterling silver,
  • 5 mukhi (sections) bead. Approximately 12mm.

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