Rudraksha Bead & OM Pendant – OM Jewelry

This Rudraksha Bead & OM Pendant on Sterling Silver is a real treasure. Itís so powerful with the combination of the Rudraksha Bead and the OM. As you may know, the Rudraksha Bead comes from the holy Rudraksha tree in India. The ancient story tells us that, when God saw how humankind was treating each other and the earth, God began to weep. Where Godís tears fell, the Rudraksha tree was born and the seeds or beads from the tree became the Rudraksha Beads which we are so blessed to have, for the Rudraksha Beads were given to humankind so that we would not have to cry for ourselves, because God cries for us. And the OM symbol is the universal symbol for the Absolute Ė and it doesnít get any bigger than that. The combination of these two powerful symbols gives us an unprecedented article of jewelry that we can wear with pride and peace in our hearts.-

  • The Rudraksha Pendant comes from the holy Rudraksha tree in India.
  • The ancient story is that Shiva looked down on the earth and saw how inhumanely people were treating each other, and so he cried. Where his tears fell, Rudraksha trees grew. It is said, if you wear the Rudraksha bead you do not have to cry because Shiva will cry for you.
  • Made into a pendant with sterling silver beautifully wrapped around the Rudraksha finishing off with an ďOMĒ symbol.
  • Wear it on a silver chain or a simple cord. Either will allow you keep this powerful bead close to your heart.
  • 5 mukhi (sections) bead. Approximately 15mm.

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