Rudraksha Power Bracelet | Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore – Out of Stock

This very simple Rudraksha Bracelet is so easy to wear, easy to use, and the perfect jewelry accompaniment to absolutely any outfit or for any occasion. And you can use it for doing “japa” or open-eyed, waking meditation or prayer without anyone even noticing. The “guru bead” that is attached to the tassel on the Rudraksha Bracelet is the point at which you turn the bracelet around and go back in the opposite direction until you get to the “guru bead” again. That would be in keeping with the ancient traditions of doing prayer with the malas, or, you can use it any way you wish, because it’s a very personal and handy “tool” in your practice of raising your energy for inner peace and contentment.-

  • This simple and natural bracelet has ancient and profound significance. You can share its origin story with others when it catches their eye!
  • Elastic makes for easy on-and-off!
  • 8mm Rudraksha bracelet on elastic with tassel.

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