Rudraksha & Coral Mala with knots and tassel – Mala Beads

Malas are used as prayer beads in many of the world’s sacred traditions, not unlike rosaries in Christianity. A “Japa Mala” is used to count the repetitions of the mantra of your choice as you meditate with the Mala. The Japa Mala helps to keep the mind focused, thus establishing and keeping consistent the optimum energy levels. These Malas make beautiful articles of jewelry of all kinds, and the Rudraksha & Coral Mala is no exception. Corals get their various colors from the algae they host in the oceans, and they, too, are very powerful, as are pretty much all of the natural- occurring earth stones. You’ll love this beautiful Rudraksha & Coral Mala.-

  • Check out this gorgeous coral Mala! I think you will agree that there is something very special about this bead in combination with the Rudraksha.
  • Rudraksha & Dyed Coral Mala with knots and tassel. 7mm beads. 33 inches.

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