La Kahena – Cheb I Sabbah

Algerian-born Artist, DJ and producer Cheb I Sabbah has made a career out of using the world as his playground. His music, as well as his mixed sets, are noteworthy for the fact that they weave together musical threads from different cultures; as a result, you can always expect a Sabbah album to be exotic (to say the least!). Sabbah’s La Kahena follows suit, except that this album is very specifically themed after the diverse musical cultures of the North Africa region. Gathered for the production of La Kahena are a variety of regional performing ensembles, some of the most distinctive female voices of the Maghreb and assistance from well known producers like Bill Laswell, Karsh Kale and others. Call and response vocal chants, tribal beats, instrumentation with a Middle Eastern flair and more awaits on these quasi-traditional tunes. Once again, Cheb I Sabbah has worked musical magic.-

  • La Kahena is a fabulous compilation of wonderful musicians under the guiding hand of master DJ Chad I Sabbah.
  • You can always expect a Sabbah album to be exotic, and La Kahena is no exception!

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