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Our attractive Sacred Symbols of the World Flags need no other reason than beauty to exist. They are an eye-catching adornment indoors or outdoors – wherever you find a strong breeze. Prayer flags are believed to do so much more than add beauty. As the wind passes through the cloth, believers feel it picks up the spiritual essence of the symbol and carries it out across the world. In this way prayer flags spread positive subtle vibrations over the earth. Many feel the flags help balance out the abundance of violence in our world. These sacred symbols express an essential truth from a belief system. Consider the yin yang symbol on the far right flag in the photo. t is enclosed in a circle with no beginning and no end, no duality, just oneness. Inside the oneness is contained light and dark, all the opposites, in a flowing pattern. The flow in the symbol reminds us everything changes over time. Notice within the light reposes a small dark space and within the large dark swath is a light dot, reminding us we are both and not to judge others or ourselves harshly. Surely these are values to spread across the land. When you look upon each symbol on the flags endeavor to understand what the symbol is saying to you. Such contemplation brings wisdom. Ask yourself questions: why are circles so prevalent? What do the colors mean? There is a wealth of understanding to be gained using the flags and your own observations. You’ll find the symbol flags a real bargain at even twice the price – certainly compared to the cost of a college education.

  • Nine flags are on the Sacred Symbols of the World string.
  • Each flag measures 12” by 12” and the string is more than 10 feet long.
  • Hang the flags diagonally indoors or outdoors.
  • The symbols on the string represent the following beliefs: Hinduism, Native Wisdom, Sikhism, Judaism, Unity of All, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and Taoism.

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