Super Sandalwood Soap – Soaps

Satyam Beauty and Health Concept Ltd has created for you a soap free from animal fats that acts to moisturize your skin. The soap contains both precious Sandal Wood oil and Sandal powder in an aqueous extract, making the soap antiseptic as well as moisturizing.

Sandal Wood is one of earth’s strongest aromatic trees. This small evergreen tree is known scientifically as Santalum album and grows wild in India. It has been cultivated throughout Southeast Asia. The tree produces flowers all year long but they are odorless. The scent you are familiar with comes from the tree’s bark. The aroma is described as uplifting, warm and even sensual. –

  • Bar soap weighing 75 g.
  • Made in Mumbai, India.
  • Ingredients: glycerine, sandal perfume, pure and synthetic oils, lanolin, turmeric, honey, distilled palm fatty acid, palm stearine, coconut fatty acid or palm fatty acid, preservatives, a sequestering agent, and alkali.
  • The soap’s lovely aroma will subtly enhance your day.

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