Saraswati Statue | 3.5″ Resin | Ma's India Spiritual Giftstore

Our vivid Saraswati statue is sitting in a lotus, the flower that reminds us that it’s possible to rise out of the mud and blossom into great beauty.  The goddess Saraswati is considered by Hindus to be magnificently beautiful.  They say she is a joy to behold.  She is part of the feminine Hindu trinity of Kali, Lakshmi, and Saraswati, three Mothers who are worshipped during Durga Puja.

Saraswati is often shown holding a musical instrument because she personifies communicating excellence.  The rhythm of the vina’s music represents all human emotions and feelings.  When Saraswati plays her vina she can stir you to action or calm your tired, over stimulated nerves.  Think of the power of music.  Who can forget the shark’s theme in “Jaws.”  No words, simply music, but danger, even terror come to mind.  That is  a human example of Saraswati’s power.

You’ll enjoy over and over again this colorful statue whose many details have symbolic meanings.  Ask Saraswati’s help in your life.  She listens.  She’ll even teach you listening skills, along with how to communicate more effectively.  Bring her home today.

*3.5 inch resine statue

*Great Indian colors and detail

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