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Notice the particularly flowing lines on this statue of Saraswati’s. Her name in Sanskrit literally means “the one who flows.” Saraswati is like a flowing river.

In ancient times the Harappan civilization developed along the Indus and the Saraswati Rivers. Here the earliest written language was developed, which may account for Saraswati being called the goddess of speech and poetry. Her children are the Vedas, the oldest sacred texts in Hinduism. The Rig Veda contains hymns to Saraswati in which she is called a mighty river with purifying, nourishing, and creative powers. Today Saraswati continues to encourage your creativity, encouraging you to create your own personality with the power that comes from the depths of your soul. You will find only benefits as you meditate on Saraswati’s gifts to humanity. –

  • Our Saraswati 5” statue is made of an ivory substitute material that is warm to the touch and quite durable.
  • The statue is hand cast.
  • The faux ivory material is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.
  • Tiny glass beads within the statue’s material add shine to the intricate details of the Saraswati carving.

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