Saraswati Batik Wall Hanging – 31″ x 46″ – Batiks & Cloths

Lush colors illuminate this serene, almost contemplative, wall hanging of the Hindu goddess Saraswati. She seems to be almost looking right through you. What does she want? In her hands Saraswati holds a book representing the Vedas, Hindu scripture, said to contain all knowledge, both worldly and spiritual. Another hand holds a mala signifying the power of both meditation and spirituality. Saraswati is playing on a musical instrument called a vina. It is said that the rhythm of her music represents the range of human emotions and feelings. Yet, with all this going on, the Saraswati seems to be staring directly at you. Why?

Saraswati is the goddess of the flowing river. Poetry, music, speech and art are flowing from her into your life. Her gifts transform us, teaching us how to listen and of the sanctity of words, their power, and care we need to master in using them. Saraswati reminds us to watch the words flowing from our lips, the thoughts pouring from our brain. This powerful goddess is the embodiment of consciousness, cosmic knowledge, intelligence, power, enlightenment, education, and creativity as well as the fountain of the arts. As one of the river goddesses, Saraswati is also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Saraswati has many gifts she longs to give you; will you accept?-

  • Saraswati Batik Wall Hanging measures 32” by 44”.
  • Beautifully dyed using batik techniques on fabric.
  • Warm, energetic orange draws the eye to this wall hanging, framing the goddess in the color people of China and Japan associate with love and happiness.
  • Saraswati is believed to stimulate your creativity, helping you create your own personality.
  • She is called Biancaitian in China, Sarasawatee in Thailand, and Benzaiten in Japan. By any name Saraswati’s wall art is beautiful and a joy to behold and well worth purchasing.
  • Please note that these batiks are handmade and there might be variation in color and design.

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