Saraswati Sequin Cloth Print – Clearance

Pure, neutral, clean white is Saraswati’s color of choice. The print’s creator has chosen bold shades of passionate, sensual red to surround Saraswati and frame her serene, loving face. Although red most often draws your attention, here it is used to make something pop out at you, the Mother Saraswati.Saraswati holds in her hands a vina, as befits the goddess of music. The rhythm of the vina’s music is symbolic of all human emotions and feelings, as befits this goddess of knowledge and the flowing river. What flows out of Saraswati? Poetry. She encourages us to be creative, not only in the arts but in creating our own personality. Your creativity comes from the depths of your soul and if you do not let it out, counsels Saraswati, you will become tight. When you are tight, you fall prey to illness in many forms. Saraswati is worshipped by Hindus for her secular as well as her spiritual knowledge.Saraswati’s four arms represent the four aspects of human personality: alertness, ego, intellect and mind. Another meaning for Saraswati’s four arms is that they are symbols for the Vedas. The Vedas in turn represent poetry, prose, music and a pot of water – or the power to purify human thought.

Saraswati teaches us the sanctity of words, to watch what we speak because of the power words gain once uttered. Saraswati teaches us how to listen, without judgment and with compassion. –

  • The word Saraswati literally means “the one who flows” and it refers to thoughts and words which flow like a river.
  • Saraswati’s children are the Vedas, the oldest sacred texts in Hinduism.
  • The Saraswati Cloth Print is approximately 30 by 40 inches.
  • This print has been done by hand.
  • The gold sequins, which add eye appealing brightness, were sewn on by hand.

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