The Secret Code on Your Hands


“This is such a charming book with beautiful illustrations. Use it to unlock the mysteries of your life.” Louise L. Hay, author of “You Can Heal Your Life” The Secret Code on Your Hands is a captivating guide for young and old alike, with attractive illustrations and text on the enjoyable science of palmistry. Learn easily to read your own destiny, as well as your friends. Quick pointers and section dividers make this a great reference book for the aspiring palmist. Over 80 color illustrations by Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley accompany this inspired and well-informed text, making it an excellent gift book for you or that special inquisitive someone. Mahabal is the Founder/Director of The Palmistry Institute in San Francisco. In 1979 he began his formal training in Vedic cosmology, which took him to India many times. He combines Western astrological palmistry with Chinese elemental hand analysis, while continuing new research. He’s hosted his own national cable show and written for the New York Daily News and many Bay Area periodicals. Mahabal also hosted his own radio program in New York, The Palmistry Show with Vernon Mahabal, and consulted for the New York City Police Department using palmistry in suspect profiling.

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