The Serpent Power


by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe)The secrets of tantric and shaktic yoga.This volume, by the foremost student ot Shaktic and Tantric thought, Arthur Avalon, is the prime document for the study and application of Kundalini yoga. The author covers the philosophical and mythological nature of kundalini; the esoteric anatomy associated with it; the study of mantras; the chakras, or psychic centers in the human body and their progressive awakening; and the yoga associated with this. This introduction, some 300 pages of unique material, is followed by translations (with long analytical commentary) of two important Tantric docoments: The Description of the Six Chakras and the briefer Five-fold Footstool. BY working through these docoments the reader can acquire the essence of Kundalini yoga.”This work will bring the reader into the power of Devatma Shakti Kundalini just by reading and pondering the text. Old feelings will find a home in the transformation from experience to understanding as the book flows forward. Gentle delight is the mark of a true Tantric text and this book, although strange and difficult at times, is pure de-light. If you want to know about Chakras and such, this is a classic text by one who really knows. Old and grand, this is a favorite treasure of mine and one I give away regularly to friends who must have more. Lam-to-Aum… “Riley Jackson

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