Sri – Clearance

Shantala, the duo of Benjy and Heather Wertheimer, return with the follow-up to their sublime album The Love Window. Sri, named for a Sanskrit word that refers to the divine beauty of the universe, is an album of luxuriant kirtan chant bathed in a blend of traditional instrumentation and light groove. Shantala’s Benjy, is, of course, an accomplished musician and his many talents are featured on Sri: esraj (his signature instrument), various drums, keyboards and harmonium, to name a few. Shantala’s Heather’s guitar-playing and vocals are woven throughout the fabric of the Sri, giving it added warmth and depth. A lot of friends turned out to add their talents to Sri, including Krishna Das, Jami Sieber, Snatam Kaur, Steve Gorn, Manose, Michael Mandrell and many others, making Sri a must for fans of passionate kirtan chant and spiritual music.-

  • Shantala’s Sri is an exquisite creation of Heather and Benjy Wertheimer.
  • Sri is a Sanskrit word named for the divine beauty of the universe. This album is well-named!

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