SHEILA CHANDRA: This Sentence is True


Sheila Chandra – This Sentence is True It has been five years since Sheila Chandra released one of 1996’s best albums, ABoneCroneDrone. The long-awaited follow-up, This Sentence Is True, continues along the unique path that the Anglo-Indian singer has forged throughout the last two decades. Unlike the sensual ambient works of her previous album, her latest takes a more experimental approach, encompassing vocal techniques ranging from silky smooth to rambunctiously fragmented. The single sonic agenda for the record is diversity. “Mien” offsets Chandra’s haunting singing with backward vocal samples, a repetitive piano riff, and crackling sound effects. On “True,” the singer’s spiritual chanting withstands a slowly swelling wall of sound. The 15-minute epic “AboneCroneDrone 7” weaves subliminal, wordless vocals within a hypnotic sea of drones; oftentimes the singer sounds absent from the piece even though her presence is there. Samples and electric guitar are also incorporated into select tracks by collaborator/producer Steve Coe. And what is the Ganges Orchestra? It is simply an artful appellation for the unorthodox sonic manifestations that Chandra and Coe conjure up for this stimulating aural adventure.

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