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The Shiva Women’s T-Shirt is cut perfectly for a woman’s body, no matter the size. The colors of this beautiful silk screened Shiva Women’s T-Shirt are primarily, purple, lavender and blue. Shiva (also Siva) means “Auspicious one”, and is a major deity in Hinduism. Shiva is also known as the “Great Destroyer” of bad habits and self-created obstacles to spiritual enlightenment. Shiva also has the attribute of regeneration and the Shiva Women’s T Shirt is a great reminder of this. Focus on Lord Shiva is considered to be a powerful path to inner and outer (wordly) growth. In images, and on the Shiva Women’s T Shirt, Shiva is generally represented sitting in the lotus posture, immersed in deep meditation.

If you were to be wearing this Shiva Women’s T Shirt while sitting in the cross-legged posture in front of a mirror with your eyes open, this would be considered a “Yatra” or open-eyed meditation on the image of the holy form of this deity.You can also wear this lovely Shiva Women’s T Shirt just about anywhere you want to make a fashion statement that will garner you a whole lot of compliments!-

  • Silk-screened Shiva print cotton blend women’s T.
  • Beautiful illustration on both front and back of T.
  • See Product Photos tab for photo of the back side.
  • Comes in S, M, L.
  • Sizes run small; order one size larger than you would usually wear

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